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Our company is specialized in consulting procedures of establishment, purchasing, absorption, conversion and dissolution (business registry) for various types of business enterprise such as:


  • Limited Liability company (LTD)
  • Private Enterprise company
  • Joint Stock Corporation (JSC)
  • Subsidiary Company
  • Company Branch
  • Workshop
  • Warehouse
  • Representative office


(Lease contracts are not required)

    Including Services:

  • Change business addresses
  • Supplement Business types
  • Increase or decrease in legal business capital
  • Change business names


–         Business seal changing service

–         Tax code, Import-Export code service

–         The original legal document on tax service

–         Monthly tax reporting service

–         Representative office procedure service

–         Dissolution procedure service

–         Tax accounting service




  • Establish Private Enterprise company, 1 member LTD, 2 members LTD, JSC, Branch, 100% FDI, Representative office (with license)
  • Legal Seal (issued by City policeman agency)
  • Tax code + Import-Export Code
  • Change to Private Enterprise, 1 member LTD, 2 member LTD licenses, JSC
  • Establishment Proclamation (posted 3 times)
  • Announce Tax agency about Business Enterprise modification:

          (Business license + Legal Seal + Tax code + Import-Export Code)


Discount for our clients:

  • 3 free phone lines: 1 ADSL line + 1 Phone line + 1 Fax line

(Full payment after only our services are done)

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